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                        Thank you for looking at our Collectibles For Sale, I love collectibles and have always had an eye for rare items. Collectibles are a major part of our culture, of our society. People remember the things they grew with. The toys, The Music, The Movies. the items from our past bring back a memory. We can recapture that memory through collectibles, through memorabilia. I have heard of stories where a father spends thousands on the Collectible Toys so his son can play with the same toys he had played with as a child. Me personally I played with He-Man Masters of the Universe and GI Joe. I own several of these action figures. I do not collect the action figures that are in the original packaging because I like to play with them and rough them up. My sister collects Barbie and Care Bear because that is what she used to play with as a child. Collectibles recapture our childhood. Here at Dumpster Ducks we do not limit ourselves to just one particular kind of collectible. We are constantly running into great treasures in unexpected places. We carry a large assortment of Collectible Dolls. I have to say that I am not a fan of Collectible Dolls. However over the years I have gained a whole new appreciation for them. Effanbee Dolls, Edwin Knowles Dolls, Barbie Dolls, Masterpiece Dolls, Madame Alexander, These are some of my favorite Collectible Dolls. But we don't stop there, we also have Collectible Toys!! Stocking Collectible Toys like Rare Vintage Barbie, Tootsie, He Man, Plush, Action Figures, GI Joe, Transformers, TY, Beanie Babies, Power Rangers, Pez, Puzzles, Doll, Effanbee, Sesame Street, Books, Snoopy, Garfield, Car's, Hot Wheels, Mickey Mouse, Disney, Care Bears. and much much more. We also stock a great collection of Music and Movie Memorabilia, I mean we all want to own a piece of our past that touched our lives. Nothing has made more of an imprint on my life, my emotions, my imagination than movies and music. Music and Movie Memorabilia is a popular category featuring titles like, Gone With The Wind, E.T., Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Zhivago,  Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and much more. Collectibles bring back the past, collectibles are our heritage, collectibles are in our blood. I hope that you find the collectible right for you here at Dumpsterducks.com. If you cannot find the collectible that you have been looking for the don't forget to try our Collectibles Message Board. Where you can find others to help you search

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