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I have to say the most valuable toys in the world go to dolls and dully  so. Dolls are some of the first toys ever made and have been around for a very long time and a Huge collectors market.

#1.    L’Oiseleur                  

$6.25 million.


                 The most expensive doll in existence is called L’Oiseleur, which means the Bird Trainer. Measures four-foot tall and is a automated figure, dressed in renaissance clothing that plays the flute and also carries a sword and holds a pair of birds that sing. What adds to the doll’s value is the fact that it doesn’t need batteries or motors but works by a system of cogs and gears. It is worth noting that this doll took more than 15,000 hours to build out of 2,340 polished steel parts. The original budget was a paltry $400,000, but costs for precious materials, dressmakers, sculptors, jewelers, wig-makers, and other specialists spiraled out of control. To raise the money, Bailly sold more than a hundred 19th century automatons he'd collected over 40 years. Now, he's looking for one good buyer

#2   Madame Alexander Eloise   

$5 million


           This is Madame Alexander’s five hand-made one-of-a-kind Eloise dolls, which were created especially to benefit several charities in 2000.  Featuring nine carats of diamonds. The dolls sold at auction for $5 million. Created and dressed by prestigious, 78-year-old doll manufacturer, Madame Alexander, the one-of-a-kind, 3-feet-tall Eloise dolls, unveiled at New York's FAO Schwarz, October 26, 2000, have embarked on a whirlwind national tour of additional flagship FAO Schwarz stores in Boston, Chicago and San Francisco as well as The Plaza Hotel. The dolls will be on display at these locations through late November.

#3    G. I. Joe Action Figure           


        The first prototype G.I. Joe action figure (with a Sean Connery inspired face), hand-carved in 1963 by the designer of the famous toy, Don Levine. Levine created G.I. Joe 40 years ago as an executive for Rhode Island-based Hasbro toys. He said the name came to him while watching an old black and white movie called “The Story of G.I. Joe.”

#4         Steiff Teddy Bear             



                      It's the world's most expensive teddy bear, with fur made of REAL GOLD with eyes of sapphires and diamonds! made by Steiff, who claims to have made the world's first teddy bear, and was created to celebrate their 125th birthday. The mouth is solid gold, and the fur is gold thread. The pupils of the eyes are sapphires while the irises each contain 20 small diamonds. Only 125 of these collectible bears have been produced!

#5      Hot Wheels                         



            Hot Wheels® Kicks off 40th Anniversary with Unveil of Diamond-Encrusted Car at New York Toy Fair. This  Hot Wheels car is  the most expensive toy car in the world, created to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Mattel's tiny cars The car has 2,700 blue, black, and white diamonds covering its 18-karat white gold frame. The blue diamonds are used to mimic the Hot Wheels Spectraframe blue paint, while black and white diamonds cover the underbelly and for the engine. For the brake lights, they used rubies.

#6   The Lionel 3360 Burro Crane   



This toy was created in the 1950's , after WWII. This is the actually prototype, used to test different color schemes. Even the plastic framing was kept in great shape considering the age, making it even rarer. Sold for  $85062.25 

#7        De Beers Barbie                   


    This Barbie is one of the most expensive toys in the world which was designed by De Beers. There are 160 diamonds in her dress which makes it look really luxurious.  Was created to commemorate the 40th year of De Beer’s birthday.

#8  1969 Volkswagen Beach  Bomb    



                  The 1969 Volkswagen Beach Bomb Rearloader prototype, the world's most valuable Hot Wheels car, sold at auction for $72,000 (production version originally sold for $.69),

#9     Original Model Enterprise       


            In December 2001, the only remaining prop model of the USS Enterprise to remain in private hands was sold at auction. Featuring electrically-lit nacelles, the model was used extensively for special effects shots during the original series.

#10  GI JOE 1994 Manimals Vortex    



              There is guesstimated that there’s only two of these vortex toys on the face of the planet. This one you’re looking at has never even been opened, giving it considerable value in the collector’s market.Sold at an auction Winning Bid: $20,100

#11       Mego "Batman"     


He looks like Stretch Armstrong, he stretches like Stretch Armstrong, but this Batman figure was produced by a rival toy company called MEGO, along with stretch versions of characters like Donald Duck , Mickey Mouse, and Casper. Kenner was less than impressed, and MEGO was forced to drop the line. Only two Batman's are known to have survived, stretching their value to $15,000.

#12         McFarlane "Babe Ruth"          


                  This Babe Ruth figure seems, at first blush, like just another entry in the McFarlane Toys ‘Sports Picks’ line. This one’s special, though: he’s wearing a blue hat. A blue hat, people! Only five of these uniquely behatted stars were made. Two were placed into McFarlane Toys’ archives; three were released to retail hidden among shipments of regular Ruths. The first turned up in Colorado Springs in March, 2009, and sold on eBay shortly afterwards for a stunning $13,600. How’s that for a home run?

#13       First Barbie Doll            


The VERY first Barbie doll was introduced at Toy Fair in New York City in 1959.  She was created by a woman named Ruth Handler. The first Barbie doll was inspired by a German cartoon character doll that was called *Lilli* that Ruth had seen on a trip to Germany.

#14    Matchbox Car "Opel Diplomat"     


               This green sedan is an Opel Diplomat which was built in 1966. The price for this most expensive toys in the world was first released at 48 cents. But right now, its valued at $9,000.

#15      Kestner Dolls "Twin Hilda"  



       These beautiful baby dolls have angelic features painted on and eyes that open and close. Each baby is also dressed in exquisite clothes.

#16  Star Wars "Telescoping Lightsaber"Darth Vader  



                    When the first wave of Star Wars "Early Bird" action figure sets began arriving on the market in 1978, the original Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker figures came with a telescoping lightsaber accessory. The small plastic weapon of the Jedi Knight would rise out from the hollow arm of each figure, then a thinner piece would further rise out. This proved difficult to manufacture and broke easily, so it was abandoned in the next wave of figures to reach stores, replacing the telescoping lightsaber with a single-piece version. It's been said that only a few hundred versions of these figures were ever made and the Darth Vader version of this figure is the most highly prized.

#17      G.I. Joe Nurse     


A female Joe? Yep -- and she didn’t have to wait until the era of political correctness, instead showing up all the way back in the enlightened days of 1967. Sadly, she was a bit before her time. The world was not yet ready for a female G.I. Joe, and the figure flopped, due in part to toy stores who didn’t know whether to put her with the war toys or the Barbies. Nowadays, boxed examples are valued at $6,000.

#18     He-Man & Jet Sled 2-Pack



             The He-Man & Jet Sled 2-Pack  is one of the rarest of the multi-packs that Mattel produced. the He-Man & Jet Sled 2-Pack. This piece was produced only at the later end of the series before it was cancelled, this is a 2-pack that most He-Man collectors may never find.

#19      Beanie Baby "Peanut"        


            Peanut the Elephant was first presented in June 1995 as a royal blue color. This Most Expensive Beanie Babies adorable little pachyderm was only in production for about a month and then immediately replaced with the lighter blue version.

#20       MOTU  HEMAN         


                      HE-MAN is from the original line of MOTU figures released in the 1980's. . This is the rare 8 back series 1 He-Man He-Man is my all time favorite action figure and we carry He-Man Action Figures in our store

#21        GI JOE  "Storm Shadow"     


#22 Transformers "Fortress Maximus"


FORTRESS MAXIMUS is from the 1980's line of Takara toys.

#23           Zoids "Iron Kong"          


EPZ-002R Iron Kong MK-II Zoids

#24     Thunder Cats Lion-o & Snarf       


1985 Thunder Cats Lion-o & Snarf 14 Back (US) 


#25   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "Scratch" 


        SCRATCH 4 INCH ACTION FIGURE TOY!! THE CRAFT CROOK CAT!!One of the most sought after TMNT figures OF ALL TIME!!!  

#26      Voltron  'Panosh Place" 1983   


Voltron RARE Panosh Place 1983 with box 100% complete